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Hair transplant consultation UK and Ireland: low cost hair surgery in Budapest, HungaryPrivate hair clinics in the UK and Ireland charge quite a lot for FUE hair transplants which deters a lot of balding men from getting a hair loss surgery. However, you have alternative options to get the same quality hair loss treatment abroad.

Did you know that you can be sitting in your hair surgeons chair whithin a 3 hours’ flight in Budapest, Hungary? What is more: to get an initial hair assessment you do not need to travel abroad. The hair specialist will come to 8 cities and hold consultations for those interested in FUE Safe System. Current locations for free consultations: Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast and London in the UK and Dublin in Ireland. If you live in the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey) or Iceland (Reykjavík) you should consider our affordable prices to get back your young look with us!

Hair transplant UK costs vs Hungary

Hair transplant UK costs

If you suffer from hair loss, you have a receding hairline or you want thicker hair on the head top or you would like a full head of hair you have come to the right webpage! We will help you regrow your hair, improve your self-esteem and get back the original density of your hair. In one word: to get back your natural look!

Ireland (Dublin) or Iceland (Reykjavík)

Those living on Islands should consider an online consultation face to face with our specialists. We need some photos of you as well as answers to certain questions to setup a hair loss assesment sheet. Based on this our surgeons can offer you a treatment plan you will be happy with!

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