Medical hair restoration

  1. Benefits of using natural hair loss products
  2. Prescription drugs or hair loss surgery?

Medical hair loss treatmentsBaldness or excessive hair loss is a condition wherein the growth of the hair is not normal anymore. After the loss of several hair strands due to hair cycle, they are not replaced anymore. Some older men just let the process continue because this condition is, after all, very common in older men. It is as if every person in their age bracket is experiencing baldness so treating it would just be wasteful. However for younger men, for women and for vain older men, this condition should be treated as this can ruin the physical appearance of the person. Most people are conscious about their appearance so they are willing to spend huge amounts of money just to cure their hair loss problem.

Benefits of using natural hair loss products

To treat hair loss, some people use natural products and techniques because they believe that these are safer compared to the medical ones. They argue that chemical components can harm the body and cause side effects. They dislike anything that involves medicine and surgery. However this treatment cannot guarantee that the hair loss problem will be solved. The response of the body of one person may be different from the others. The natural products that compose these natural hair loss treatments may not be effective. Additionally, if ever a product is proved to be effective and safe, the results usually take a lot of time to be observed. Hence, if a person is looking for a type of treatment with immediate results, natural hair loss treatments are not suitable for him.

Prescription drugs or hair loss surgery?

Medical hair restoration involves the use of medical procedures and techniques to cure hair loss. These techniques may involve the intake of prescription medicine that contains ingredients that can fight hair loss. This is usually applicable if the hair loss is caused by hormonal imbalance. Medicine can counter the effects of these hormones and bring their production to the normal level. There are also medications that can be injected directly into the blood vessels. Medical hair restoration also involves surgery. Surgical procedures are the most common hair loss treatment technique presently because of their immediate results. They may be expensive but these treatments guarantee that the hair loss problem will be permanently solved so it offers the best value for a person’s money.

There are a variety of hair loss procedures that can be done depending on the needs of the person and the recommendation of the hair loss doctor. Before undergoing a surgery, the diagnosis of the doctor is needed to know the root cause of the problem. After that, he confers with the surgeon to relate to him the patient’s problem and so that they can talk about the suitable type of surgery. Some medical hair restoration surgeries take a part of the healthy scalp and transfer it to the part that needs hair. Another type of hair loss surgery is the extraction of the healthy hair follicles so that they can be transplanted to the part of the scalp that lacks hair.

Medical hair restoration surgeries use advanced techniques so they are guaranteed to be safe and effective.