Surgical Hair Replacement

  1. Surgical vs Non-Surgical hair loss treatment
  2. FUE hair transplant to get back old look

Hair loss can affect men and women alike but the condition is usually noticed more on men than on women because of the long hair than women have. The progress of hair loss is generally slow. Actually, hair loss is natural for humans as a part of the hair cycle. However it is the excessive hair loss that causes baldness. When lost hair strands are no longer replaced by new hair strands, a part of the scalp losses hair. The back and side portions of the head are the areas that are more prone to baldness. Hair loss may be accelerated by some factors such as stress, poor diet hormonal imbalance and medication. For chemotheraphy patients, hair loss occurs very fast due to the effect of the drugs that fight cancer. Some people experience hair loss due to their genetic makeup. When the parents or relatives of a person are bald, then he will most likely be bald in due time.

There are a lot of hair loss treatments and products available in the market and these range from natural products to the synthetic ones. Natural products are made of ingredients derived from plants. These products are recommended by some people since they rarely pose health hazards such as the development of side effects. The chemical components of the synthetic products are believed to cause harmful side effects on the body. These products are usually applied on the scalp. However, this may take some time before the effects are visible. These may be effective for some people but this does not imply that it is effective for all. Additionally, some products are ineffective and buying them would just be waste of money. Another type of treatment is done through medical procedures.

Surgical vs Non-Surgical hair loss treatment

These may involve surgery or not. Some of the methods used in the nonsurgical approach are the oral medication and the injection of the medicine into the blood vessels. Surgical hair replacement is the most effective type of hair loss treatment because of the technological advancements that are present. These procedures are continuously improved by medical research and are proven to be safe. Surgical hair replacement is done by a professional hair transplant surgeon in a hospital or clinic that has the necessary equipment and facilities. Consultation with hair experts are done prior to surgical hair replacement because he has to determine what caused the patient’s excessive hair loss and what type of surgery is best for him.

FUE hair transplant to get back old look

There are various types of hair loss surgery. Some involve taking a part of the scalp that has hair and transferring to another part that lacks hair. Some involve the extraction of the hair follicle units and transplanting them to the part of the head that needs hair. This method is very tiring on the part of the surgeon because the hair follicles are transferred one by one on the specific part of the scalp. Nonetheless surgical hair replacement is the one usually chosen by doctors and patients because of its effectiveness and minimal scarring.