Wayne Rooney’s hair transplantation

Wayne Rooney's hair transplantHair transplant is the best known permanent solution for hair loss. Taking a cue from what Wayne Rooney did to his receding hairline and preventing from going perpetually bald, anyone who is not accustomed or remotely aware of the benefits of hair transplant surgery can rest assured that all there’s in it is a reward.

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Wayne Rooney has decided to stop his hair loss

Male pattern baldness, receding hair line, hair loss and thinning hair are predominant problems among men and over the recent years, there are an increasing number of young adults facing such issues. Some men in their early twenties are succumbing to hair loss and it is definitely not a pleasant sight. Putting aside the jokes and teasing from friends, it is an immensely anxious reality which not only stresses an individual but also causes a dent in self confidence. Whether you had lustrous hair or a ponytail, unmanageable curly hair or silky straight streaks, losing them is never desirable and given an opportunity everyone would like to make amends.

Hair transplant is a simple surgery, and doesn’t require hospitalization. Male pattern baldness is triggered when the follicles on the scalp are dead and nonexistent. Sometimes, the follicles do not cater to their function of generating the hair shoots which then grow into the visible hair we get to see. Hair transplant surgery involves a procedure wherein natural, strong and healthy hair from the back of one’s head is implanted onto the front. These hair follicles then grow like natural hair becoming a permanent solution for hair loss.

Wayne Rooney and his famous hair transplant.

Wayne Rooney could afford the cost of a hair transplant surgery, however nowadays it can be affordable to anyone

In its primitive stages, hair transplant surgery was an extremely expensive treatment but over the years it has become affordable for the average earner. Sure, it might require a few months’ savings but for a permanent solution for hair loss one wouldn’t mind some austerity measures over some time.

Hair transplant is an easy procedure which doesn’t require any major health checkups or medications. There are some precautions that one has to take after the surgery to ensure that the implanted hair is taken good care of. Every individual has unique hair growth, texture of hair and hormonal secretions. A hair transplant surgery is carried out after thorough analysis of all such factors. Diagnosis of the scalp is conducted extensively and if there are any nutritional or skin problems which have initiated hair loss in someone, such factors are also taken into consideration.

Wayne may have been subject to some jokes and comments in magazines and from his own teammates but he himself is in love with his new hair. Looking at it, we cannot disagree with him either.