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  1. Hair loss surgery with FUE Safe System
  2. How FUE hair transplant is done

Hair transplant surgeons HungaryHair loss surgery is one of the most effective hair loss treatments presently. This is due to the extensive medical research that most hair experts are doing. Aside from that, people also have technological advancements to thank for. People generally have conflicting opinions about hair loss surgery. Some view it negatively because of the health hazards that it poses. They still believe that surgeries are painful and cause harmful side effects even though medicine is in an advanced stage nowadays. For them, natural hair loss treatments are the most effective and safe treatments of all.

This is not the case for some people because natural hair treatments take a lot of time before taking effect. Some are not even effective and the person may just be wasting money. There are also fake hair loss products that may worsen the condition of the patient so he should be very careful in choosing which products to use. If he really wants to use the natural products, he should first get the advice of his doctor on what natural products to consider. He should also ask the people who have already tried the product about its effectiveness. The ingredients can also cause him to develop allergic reactions so doing research about its components would greatly help.

Hair loss surgery with FUE Safe System

Surgical hair loss treatments are the most recommended cures for hair loss because of their effectiveness and the immediate observation of the results. By consulting hair transplant surgeons, the person will be able to determine the exact cause of his hair loss. Hair loss may be caused by stress, hormones, and medication. Some people are genetically destined to be prone to hair loss because hair loss is hereditary.

Aside from the diagnosis of the problem, the surgeons can advise the best type of hair loss surgery for the patient but first the one who will be doing the surgery also has to know the medical history of his patient. There are some medical conditions that restrict the person from undergoing a surgery or a specific type of surgery.  Hair transplant surgeons are the ones who are authorized to perform hair transplant surgeries because they have the expertise in this specific field.

How FUE hair transplant is done

Hair transplant surgeons can perform a variety of hair transplant surgeries. The removal of the healthy scalp and transferring it to the part that lacks hair is one type of hair loss surgery. However, this is not popular because of its invasiveness and scarring. Compared to other hair surgeries, this type produces large scars. One of the most popular hair transplant surgeries is the follicular unit extraction or FUE.

This surgery is does not require the patient to be hospitalized after the procedure. It also offers minimal scarring because the wounds are just small. In this process, the follicle units of the hair are removed by using a punch. The soft tissues are removed and these are then transplanted to the portion of the head that lacks hair. For hair transplant surgeons, this method is very long and tiring because it involves transplanting the extracted follicles individually.