FUE hair loss surgery

  1. Natural hair loss treatments to stop hair fall
  2. FUE hair transplants – Hair loss surgery for men

FUE hair loss surgeryHair loss is a hair problem that can affect both men and women. This problem occurs when the hair strands are not replaced anymore in the hair cycle. This can be caused by a number of factors but the most common ones are stress, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and hormonal imbalance. It is important that the person detects hair loss early so that he can resolve it immediately. There are products such as shampoos and hair treatments that help fight hair loss. If excessive hair loss occurs, balding is observed. This is usually more pronounced in men than in women because women have longer hair. Some people just ignore this while some do things to hide or stop it. Some wear caps and scarves but this is not a permanent solution to the problem. To stop excessive hair loss, medication is required whether natural or medical.

Natural hair loss treatments to stop hair fall

Natural medication involves the use of products and techniques that do not have chemical components or do not involve surgery. Natural products such as plants are the common ingredients that are involved in natural hair loss treatments. These treatments pose no health risks because they contain no ingredient that can cause side effects. However treatment using this method is usually not guaranteed because it may be effective for one person but it does not mean that it is also effective for another. Also, the results of this kind of treatment take a lot of time to show. Some of the products are not even approved to effective. Thus, if a person is really decided to use this type of treatment then he should ask the opinion of those people who have already used a natural hair loss product to know which ones are effective and which are not.

FUE hair transplants – Hair loss surgery for men

The other type of hair loss treatment is the application of medical techniques. However, the person who has hair loss problems should first consult his doctor for any complications that the medical treatment may bring if ever he has any existing health problems. This is very important because undergoing surgery or any medication may worsen an illness and may put the life of the person in danger. After the approval of the doctor then he may go to a hair expert to diagnose his problem and to know what causes his hair loss. The cause of the hair loss should be determined because the hair loss doctor will determine the necessary treatment based on this. Hair replacement surgery is the most common surgical procedure to treat hair loss.  This can be done using different procedures because there are a variety of hair replacement surgery techniques. One of the most common is the follicular unit extraction that involves the removal of the healthy hair follicles to transplant them to the portion of the head that lacks hair. This is very popular because it does not require the patient to stay in the hospital. He can immediately leave after the hair replacement surgery and this process does not leave big scars on the head of the person.